Power Utility Companies

Meter Reading App

A Correct meter reading and correct billing is the back bone for survival and growth for any Electricity Distribution Company.

The Meter Reading App enable electricity Distribution companies in Nigeria to streamline and implement an effective metering & billing system, improve Cash Collection Efficiency and to make the processes customer-centric.

The App helps utility companies to integrate various activities being handled by several people at multiple locations into a single window operation.

Proof of Delivery (POD)

The Proof of Delivery (POD) App is an electronic proof of delivery software which helps control and improve the power company’s  delivery of electricity bills.  It connects marketing officers , drivers, back-office workers and logistics management and gives you real-time visibility on goods, vehicles and returnable assets so managers  can ensure the perfect delivery, every time and offer customers visibility on the status of their shipments.

Real-time visibility, improved efficiency

Energy Theft

The Energy theft App enable  field officers of  Electricity Distribution Companies to report energy theft by customers while providing proof of energy theft-Photo evidence of theft/Meter/Premises, and the GPS of the location of the Energy Theft.  

Energy theft is when an electricity meter is tampered with so that it does not accurately record the amount of energy used.

Energy theft is a serious economic issue because it involves the connection of energy without the knowledge of the company. This is often also referred to as illegal connection.
Energy theft increases costs, resulting in higher bills which affects everyone.


Pharma CRM

Pharma CRM is a Mobile and web Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform specifically designed for the pharmaceutical industry to enable the generation of information about Daily Plans/Reports for Doctors, Chemists, Pharmacies, and Stocks of Samples/Gifts for the Sales Field Force.

Fast Moving Consumer Goods [FMCG]

Sales Force Automation

For the success of the organization, there is a certain kind of disciplinary monitoring that must be stringently done. Hence, automation becomes more than necessary within the field sales and their business operations. A two-way communication with them is ideal to keep up the rapport and updated information flow. There must be a seamless exchange of information between different stakeholders like field force, customer care executives, top management, customers

Stock Visibility Solution

Stock Visibility Solution (SVS) enables our clients to transition from inefficient paper-based stock reporting processes to digital data collection and real-time reporting. SVS help reduce stock-outs.

With the SVS, clients are able to view their  inventory from any browser with our web app. Use their phone as a barcode scanner and edit products .With SVS, products are always in sync.



Time & Attendance

The perfect solution to keeping tabs on working times when employees are out and about, AfriLight’s Time and Attendance App enables staff to clock in and out electronically, from define geo zones using their Smartphones.

While home or mobile workers can be given permission to clock in from any location, the App also makes use of location data (GPS), so that employees can be required to be at an authorised location (ie. office, site, market, factory) in order to clock in.

Expense Tracker

Expense Tracker  simplifier Travel & Expense (T&E) management by bringing it into the 21st century; reducing your company cost and saving time.

It Automatically creates an expense report for your employees, scans & eliminates errors, matches the receipts to the reports and export all expenses data to your accounting platform giving your company unprecedented visibility and full control over its spend.

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