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Take the risk and Expense Out Of Developing Apps Yourself.

With the majority of work happening outside the office, empowering your field force with tools that improve productivity, accuracy and timeliness is essential to the bottom line. SmatForms  empowers asset intensive companies to capture information anywhere-anytime through a wide range of Smart phones and Tablets. SmatForms’ Mobile data collection saves valuable time and money by eliminating printing and shipping of paper forms, filling out paper forms in the field and then entering the same into legacy systems.

SmatForms Mobile Applications track, manage and automate your critical operations, even those that extend into the field, with speed and ease.
With or without Internet connectivity, our native mobile apps allow your employees to access and update records, capture signatures, track GPS or geo-location information, scan barcodes, take photos and much more.

We make it  easy for your field officers to collect data accurately, analyse that data in real time, and take immediate action through automated tasks, alerts or even by triggering new workflows.


Mobilise Your Business Processes With Data-Driven Apps

Data collected in the field is used to make business decisions every day. Our smart and automated form workflows let you store, share, and distribute up-to-date information in real time across common back-office systems, cloud services, and custom ERP solutions. Give field workers access to the latest data, e.g. price & parts lists. Automate naming of files in the Cloud; easily retrieve files for audits

Mobile Is Now A Critical Feature!

Smart devices have saturated the world to such an extent that your software product can no longer afford to not be mobile.

Online data collection tools are essential in this mobile-first world. You could build your own mobile front-end in house, but the cost and skills requirements are a little out of reach when it comes to your budget.

The mobile software developer market is tight and cross-skilling your existing developers will take precious time, diverting team attention from other valuable work. Building your own mobile applications could be risky business.

Get A Mobile Front-End Fast

Rapidly prototype and deploy apps without programmers required. Keep your development team focused on your existing products.

Rapid, Easy Integration

Our comprehensive REST based API makes it easy for your developers to create mobile apps and plug our  platform into your existing systems.

Let us cover the mobile side (compatibility & new features) of your business, so your team can use their existing skills to integrate with our easy API in no time at all.

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About us

We are a small team doing big things for our clients. We power apps allowing our clients to focus on their jobs rather than being stuck doing paperwork!


Our mission

To make the first mile of Business Smart

Our offer

  • Locate employees anytime, anywhere
  • Proof of Service
  • Collect Information with Mobile Phones
  • Streamline operations with mobile jobs
  • Enforce Accountability
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