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The AfriLight team boasts extensive technical experience and expertise to handle any technical challenge. We have developed cutting-edge digital solutions in industries ranging from Utilities (Electricity Distribution) to Government, Pensions, and to business automation and commerce. Regardless of the complexity of the project, we can handle it.

Our goal is to consistently deliver results that meet or exceed expectations in terms of timeliness and budget.

The Solutions We Offer


Enterprise Mobility Solution (SmatForms)

Our flagship product, SMATFORMS, presents a comprehensive Enterprise Mobility Solution tailored to the demands of companies with mobile employees. The platform optimizes field data capture and streamlines workflow processes. SMATFORMS, allows for real-time data collection, automatic workflows, and up-to-date team reports.

Don’t let outdated, manual processes slow down your field operations. Upgrade to SMATFORMS, and streamline your workflows. Contact us today to learn more about our comprehensive suite of tools and services and start optimizing your field operations with our powerful enterprise mobility solution.

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Verifications as a Service (VaaS)

Our Verification as a Service (VaaS) platform enables you to remotely validate your customers’ identities rapidly and simply. It offers sophisticated authentication methods including biometric authentication, facial recognition, voice verification, fingerprint verification, and death certificate verification (including driver’s license and international passport).

Our VaaS solutions guarantee the safety and security of your customers’ personal information. We provide an intuitive verification experience that satisfies your customers’ requirements and keeps their data safe and secure.

VaaS is a robust and versatile verification system that can be customized to fit the needs of any business. With VaaS, you have the assurance of a reliable and secure verification platform. We offer advanced, secure solutions that are cost-effective and simple to employ.



The SmartDOCS document automation software solution streamlines the creation of documents for businesses. Using it, users can create customized templates for contracts, legal agreements, and other business documents.
By incorporating conditional logic and data integration, SmartDOCS populates templates automatically with the information that’s relevant to a particular situation, preventing the need to manually enter data. In addition to reducing errors and improving efficiency, this also ensures that documents are compliant with relevant regulations.

One of SmartDOCS’ key benefits is its ability to integrate with other systems, such as document management and CRM software. As a result, the entire document creation process can be automated. This saves time and reduces the risk of errors that can occur when documents are created manually.
SmartDOCS is used by a wide range of organizations, from small businesses to large corporations and government agencies. Companies looking to improve their document creation process and increase efficiency use it due to its flexibility and ease of use.

With SmartDOCS, you can streamline your document creation process and improve efficiency. You can create customized templates for all types of business documents, including contracts, legal agreements, and invoices, with SmartDocs’ powerful automation features. Automating the document creation process with SmartDocs saves you time, reduces errors, and increases accuracy, ensuring that your documents meet regulatory requirements and are consistent across the organization.


Automate Lawyer

Auto-Legal is a software automation solution designed for lawyers and legal firms. The platform simplifies the replication and automation of unique templates and processes, while allowing legal experts to maintain control of custom document creation without needing technical skills or software development experience.

Auto-Legal automates legal document processes such as document review, Affidavit, contract management, and legal research, freeing up legal professionals to focus on more complex tasks, thereby increasing their efficiency and productivity. Additionally, the platform minimize the risk of mistakes in legal documents and contracts, leading to higher accuracy, reduced legal risks, and improved client satisfaction.

Auto-Legal is highly customizable with its “no code” platform, enabling lawyers and other users to replicate and automate their unique templates and processes.

With Auto-Legal, legal professionals can streamline their document processes and improve efficiency, accuracy, and customization.

Reach out to us to discover the ways we can make your legal procedures more efficient and your operations smoother.

Automate Lawyer

About US

AfriLight Technologies Ltd is a software technology provider that is devoted to providing creative and successful solutions to fulfil our clients’ demands. Our professionals are devoted to being up to date with the newest technological advancements, so that we can design software solutions that are adjusted to the distinct necessities of each customer.

We comprehend that in this ever-changing technological world, organizations need dependable and proficient software solutions that can keep up with their evolving needs. That is why we work closely with our customers to gain an understanding of their aims and give software solutions that are not only effective but also economical.

To acquire this, we have built partnerships and affiliations with various software companies, allowing us to offer our customers the finest products and services at the most competitive rates. Our team of experts all have the appropriate skills and knowledge to incorporate our software solutions seamlessly.

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