The automated affidavit system is designed to modernize and streamline legal affidavits’ creation, management, payment, and storage. Built on the latest technology to ensure accuracy, increase efficiency, and minimize errors in legal operations. The system offers an array of features to help legal professionals and deponents optimize their workflow and securely store their documents.


The traditional process of creating affidavits in Nigerian courts involves manual paperwork, data entry, and physical document storage. This outdated method has led to the prevalence of fake affidavits and significant revenue loss for the government. The challenges include difficulties in detecting fraudulent documents, inefficiencies and delays due to manual processes, and the cost and complexity of physical document management. Implementing an automated affidavit system can address these challenges by digitizing the process, providing secure electronic affidavits, improving verification, reducing errors, and enabling efficient record-keeping and retrieval. This transition enhances the integrity of the legal system, improves efficiency, and ensures timely and fair resolution of legal matters.

Features of the Affidavit System

The automated affidavit system goes beyond basic functionality with top-notch features. The system includes a video call option for deponents to take their oath in front of the commissioner of oath, as required by law. Additionally, it provides online payment options for easy and convenient transactions. Legal professionals can also upload pre-prepared affidavits that effortlessly cater to their specific requirements. The Commissioner of Oath digitally signs the affidavits, making the process fully automated, available 24/7, and eliminating the need for physical court visits.


The implementation of the Automated Affidavit System is advantageous in several ways. Firstly, it eliminates the conventional manual paperwork and data entry, reducing the likelihood of errors and improving precision. The system also tackles the problem of counterfeit affidavits by integrating advanced features such as video calls for oath-taking in the presence of the commissioner of oath. This ensures compliance with legal requirements and enhances the integrity of the legal system. offers convenience and efficiency by allowing users to upload pre-prepared affidavits, making the process more streamlined for legal professionals. It is available 24/7, eliminating the need for physical visits to the court and providing remote access to the system. This saves time and resources for both the deponents and the legal system.

Expected Result

The Automated affidavit system brings forth numerous advantages. It will reduce the occurrence of fraudulent affidavits, guarantee conformity with legal necessities, and enhance the efficiency of legal procedures. This system simplifies the process, boosts precision, and offers convenience through functionalities such as video calls and effortless uploading of pre-prepared affidavits. Overall, it delivers authenticity, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness to the affidavit process.

Lagos State Implementation


AfriLight Technologies Ltd has effectively implemented the automated affidavit system for the Lagos State Ministry of Justice (MOJ), making Lagos State the first in Nigeria to use this advanced solution. The MOJ now utilizes the system for all affidavits, demonstrating the state’s dedication to modernizing legal procedures and utilizing technology for improved efficiency and precision. This implementation sets a standard for other states, providing innovative enhancements to legal services and ensuring authenticity and convenience.

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