The Proposal

Implementing a Government to Citizen (G2C) e-invoicing system that automates the distribution, tracking, & payments of bills/levies and demand notices between the citizens and the state government. A digital solution designed to streamline the demand notice (invoicing) process, and payments, enhance efficiency, and reduce paperwork in interactions between the government and citizens.

The challenge of paper bill distribution

The process of distributing government demand notices on paper is not efficient and is plagued with various difficulties. One is the reliance on manual processes for printing, sorting, and delivering invoices. This method presents potential risks, such as errors, delays, and loss of documents, which could ultimately lead to payment collection delays, missed deadlines, and penalties for citizens. Two, the physical distribution of invoices limits accessibility, making it difficult for Citizens to obtain them promptly. Resolving issues with paper invoices can be time-consuming in case of discrepancies or disputes, as it often involves manual verification and cross-referencing. Additionally, there are concerns regarding data security, as sensitive information can be vulnerable during the distribution process.

The Proposed Solution: G2C e-Invoicing System

The Government to Citizen (G2C) e-Invoice system, effectively resolves the challenges posed by the paper-based land use charge invoices distribution in Lagos. The G2C system offers a straightforward and efficient method for issuing and delivering invoices to citizens. By moving to an electronic platform, manual processes for printing, sorting, and distributing invoices are eliminated, reducing the risk of errors, delays, and document loss. The G2C e-Invoice system enables Citizens to access their invoices conveniently through online portals, email, WhatsApp, SMS, or mobile applications, ensuring prompt delivery and easy retrieval. This not only improves accessibility but also enhances data security by safeguarding sensitive information during transmission. The system enables Citizens to receive notifications, view their invoices, and make payments electronically, offering a seamless and convenient experience.

Expected Result

The G2C e-invoices will make notable enhancements in efficiency, accuracy, and transparency. The invoicing process will be simplified, manual efforts minimized, and digital channels utilized for timely invoice delivery. This, in turn, will result in cost-saving, better payment timeliness, and greater convenience for citizens. The system will also offer detailed invoice breakdowns, and real-time payment updates, and generate valuable data insights for informed decision-making. Ultimately, G2C e-invoices will improve processes, promote transparency, and encourage efficient government-citizen interactions.


The implementation of G2C e-invoicing is beneficial for both the government and citizens. It boosts operational efficiency by automating processes, leading to faster and more efficient service delivery. The digital system also saves costs by reducing expenses associated with printing and distributing documents. Moreover, the system improves service delivery by providing a centralized platform for citizens to access government services seamlessly, promoting transparency and accountability. G2C e-Invoicing prioritizes data security to ensure confidentiality and safeguard against fraud. It also encourages citizen engagement by providing seamless communication channels for feedback and inquiries. Lastly, the system generates valuable data insights enabling informed decision-making and targeted strategies for improvement.


AfriLight Technologies’ G2C e-Invoicing solution can help unlock the full potential of digital transformation. With our solution, you can say goodbye to manual invoicing processes, paperwork, and inefficiencies. We will revolutionize your invoicing system to enhance efficiency, save costs, improve service delivery, increase transparency, provide robust data security, engage citizens, and offer valuable data analytics.

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